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Dover to Eastbourne

Thursday 17th June 2021

After our lovely evening at the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, we awoke to heavy rain and fog forecast. Intrepid Seahorse decided to set off anyway and the rain lightened as we went through the lock.

First we saw the new Disney cruise ship which had come in overnight.....

Then in dreadful juxtaposition, as we exited Dover, a Border Force patrol boat had to hold off entering until we had cleared the breakwater....followed by another BF boat. We counted at least a dozen refugees huddled in the stern who must have been crammed into that tiny inflatable.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful except for some patches of fog which had us reducing speed and turning off the engine so we could hear as well as see, fog horn at the ready and radar reflector set at the right angle.

Arrived Sovereign Harbour Marina, a couple of miles east of Eastbourne, and went through the lock at 5.30 pm.

Tied up, showered and were ready to receive guests, Neil and Meriel, on board for a drink but unfortunately the whole marina was affected by a power cut so no delicious supper ashore, and we had to resort to the pressure cooker....!

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