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Engine Troubles keep us in Stonehaven

Saturday/Sunday 29-30 May 2021

oh dear - the engine really isn’t happy. Water in the fuel system and we have to order parts (Fuel injector pump and injectors). The only problem is that it is a bank holiday weekend and we can’t order the parts until Tuesday. Still we are happy in Stonehaven which is very pretty with good restaurants and a sheltered harbour.

Seahorse is tied up against a rather slimy wall and goes up and down with the tide ..

Lovely seaweedy ladders ..

Plenty of time for siightseeing including Dunnottar Castle which is pretty to close to the most classic Scottish castle you could find with lots of grisly history..

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1 Comment

May 31, 2021

Oh dear - how frustrating. I assume the damage was done by that pesky boat hand you very sensibly got rid of.

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