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Eyemouth to Holy Island

4 June 2021

Set off for Holy Island with wind F2-3 SW. Completely perfect sail with fluffy white clouds to steer by - we haven’t had many days like this ..

Holy Island (aka Lindisfarne) is a glorious place. A centre of early Christianity founded by St Aidan in AD 635 and then continued by St Cuthbert. A complete village to visit. Better still is that it empties of people at HW as you can only reach the island by a tidal causeway.

Having a shallow draft meant we could anchor inside the moorings and get close to the steps, making a row ashore on Sea Pony nice and easy.

The leading marks could be an art installation ...

Still to explore when we next come back is Lindisfarne Castle (dating from mid 16th so modern by contrast to the Priory, with Lutyens/Jekyll makeover in early 20th).

Inevitably listening to Lindsifarne

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