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Loch Eriboll to Stromness

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Left at 0930 from our refuge in Rispond Bay Loch Eriboll. We looked for the sea otters which didn’t appear. We did see a giant Danish frigate (not on AIS) creeping past.

Then we set off for Stromness in the Orkneys aiming to enter via the Sound of Hoy. Tides in the Sound meant we couldn’t get there before HWDover +0530 so we had to time our sail carefully. This we did and we were greeted by the Old Man of Hoy to salute us in ..

Stromness has always been our most northern goal and it was so wonderful to arrive. Also the home of Peter Maxwell Davies’ ‘Farewell to Stromness‘ which partly inspired us to aim to this corner of the Orkneys.

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