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Shotley Marina to Ramsgate

Tuesday 15th June 2021

A day that required much navigational preparation as we crossed the Thames Estuary.

The Marine Traffic map does not do justice to our route...!

In the event we had one of our best day's sails, wind in the NE and a lovely Force 3, and as we zigzagged through the sand banks and past the traffic we did not have to tack once! We took the route through Gunfleet, Sunk and Long Sands via Fisherman's Gat.

We arrived, still with our fair tide, into Ramsgate at 7 pm at the Western Marina. Ramsgate was a delight and we had a delicious supper on the sea front.

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1 commentaire

16 juin 2021

Following every inch of your odyssey. So gripping. You make us feel we are with you.

So exciting to feel all that East coast anxiety is over. Think of it; you are nearly in the home stretch. Such courage and strength of purpose!

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