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Stonehaven to Abroath

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Despite threat of fog banks along east coast, desperate to be off and as soon as the fog lifted enough to see the headland we slipped off our wall at 04.20. Visibility became quite poor as we motored in light airs down the coast but were able to see far enough ahead to avoid the lobster posts. AIS was our friend indeed.

The lobster pots became a minefield as we approached Arbroath but by then the fog had lifted as we dodged in and out. The harbour master was expecting us and the lock gates were open so we thankfully tied up and fell into our bunks.

Lovely traditional fishing harbour in the centre of town. Did we have an Arbroath Smokie? Sadly not as the cafe we went to for lunch was out of smokies but there were fish and chip shops everywhere!

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