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Wick to Macduff

Tuesday 25th May 2021

Our first encounter with major wind farms. Having checked their websites and poured over the Notice to Mariners, we thought it prudent to call before we set off to navigate through - Moray East is under construction and we were advised to keep well clear (red triangle way points placed on Raymarine) and Beatrice fully functioning, which we could have sailed through, but we skirted round anyway.

Our objective had been Whitehills, but as we approached, the Harbour Master, having been already advised of our arrival time, then decided there would not be enough water to enter. Fortunately Macduff, just a few miles further, was more accommodating. We rafted up alongside a large fishing vessel.

Macduff was a fishing port, old school and fairly severe. A long day needed a good supper to round it off. The HM recommended a nearby pub, The Plough Inn - rough clientele and no food. Chip shop opposite had turned off their fryers 10 minutes before, so we ended up at the Chinese - despite being advised to order the Munchie box , it was not to be recommended and most thrown away!

Tucked into a nightcap of one of our lovely single malts to console ourselves.

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